The deacons along with the pastors assist in the spiritual matters of the church.  They look after the physical property of the church; act as trustees in all legal affairs; appoint directors and leaders of various ministries and conduct church business.  The deacons are here to assist and care for you and your needs.

Please find where you last name fits in regard to the first letter and this person is your deacon.

Doug KiesslingDeacons

Phone Number: 269-579-0960 E-Mail:

Last Name: A-De



Claude LaingDeacons


Phone Number: 2697812845

Last Name: Di-G




Mark PikeDeacons

Phone Number: 269-789-1449 E-Mail:

Last Name: H-K



Tim SandersDeacons

Phone Number:517-278-4514 E-Mail:

Last Name: L-Mi




Rob SurberDeacons

Phone Number:  E-Mail:

Last Name: Mo-Q



Al ByamDeacons


Phone Number: 269-781-6167 E-Mail:

Last Name: R-Sp





Mark WalkerDeacons

Phone Number:(269) 969-1990 E-Mail:

Last Name: St-Z