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What men are saying about Fight Club:

Since joining Fight Club…
“…I am reading the Bible more and spending more time with God. Fight Club has also gotten me into a good routine of walking and exercising. I feel like these disciplines are crucial habits of a fruitful life, and I thank God for the opportunity to better develop my walk with Him.”

“…I have found myself more intentional with the time I spend with my wife and kids. I have also found myself looking for opportunities to bless others in word and deed.”

“…I am more aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life, and I am more attentive to God’s whispers and nudges. It is pure joy to know and experience God’s desire to use me to spread His love, not despite my weaknesses, but through them for His Glory!”

“…I have done things I have wanted to do my whole life, but never had the courage too!”

MEN, fight for what is important.

Fight Club is a 10-week journey where men are required to complete weekly challenges within the context of community and accountability.

These challenges change weekly and cover spiritual, relational, and physical assignments, along with Scripture memory and many opportunities to try something new, sometimes intimidating, sometimes just-for-fun.

It carries the flavor of what men desire: camaraderie, competition, and challenge. It will push you to keep up and to reach new levels with Jesus. Not every man that starts will finish, as it contains a three-strike rule. Men will link arms in real accountability and will be able to spur one another on to good works.

Don’t take this 10-week challenge unless you are ready for real gut-checking discipline. But once you do, you will be in for the ride of your life and your church will be revolutionized by it.

As a precursor to any weekly assignments, men who join are asked to sign the Fight Club Creed and commit to living by the Fight Club Guidelines.

FIGHT CLUB comes from Nehemiah 4:14: After I looked things over, I stood up and said to the officials, the nobles, and the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

FIGHT CLUB at a glance…
• Men’s Discipleship Program
• Designed for Men 18+
• No Physical Fighting (sorry or you’re welcome)
• Helps Men Build a Closer Relationship w/ Other Men & Jesus
• Teaches Discipline
• 10 Week Program
• Challenges Men In 4 Key Areas (Spiritual, Physical, Relational, & Intellectual)
• Weekly Assignments
• Each 10 Weeks = 1 Chapter
• 3 Strike Rule (You Can Strike Out)

When do we meet? How often?
There are three required meetings including two midnight meetings and graduation.

Are there any other meetings?
Your squad (small group) may meet a few times and you are required to meet with your accountability partner once a week (face to face or on the phone).

If we do not meet weekly, how do I get my assignments, connect, and report back?
Assignments will be distributed online (Facebook) and you will report online along with sharing prayer requests and more.

What if I have already done a chapter of Fight Club?
Do another! Many things will be familiar but you will experience new challenges and God will do something different in and through you!

What should I bring to the midnight meeting?
Eagerness, a friend, clothes and shoes you can exercise in.

What if I am not sure I want to do Fight Club?
Come to the midnight meeting. Check it out, learn what Fight Club is, pray about it, and you DO NOT have to decide at the meeting whether or not you are going to participate (you will register another day).

What if I live outside of the Marshall area?
If you are willing to come to the three meetings (see previous question), distance should not prevent you from participating.

Am I too old to do Fight Club?
A 75 year old graduated from a recent chapter where Fight Club originated. The average age was probably somewhere between 40-50. So Fight Club is for men 18-? who desire to grow and be challenged.

What if I cannot do what is physically required?
If you are unable to do some of the exercises due to medical conditions and/or age…all exercises CAN BE adjusted to fit your situation.

I have done discipleship before, why should I do this?
This is most likely unlike any discipleship program you have done before. Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with men…we seek to do the same. As a disciple we will grow and be held accountable to develop disciplines intellectually, physically, spiritually, and relationally.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes! Please do. Invite and encourage them! Fight Club will be based out of FBC but there will be men from different churches and cities. Please share this event with anyone who might be interested.

Is Fight Club hard?
Yes. It is but you will be a better man at the end.

A Fight Club man is…
One who stands shamelessly for Jesus
Fights to hell and back for his family and home
Lead and is led
Does not leave a brother behind
Does not quit or run from enemy or responsibility
Gets back up
Works harder than anyone else
Word is good
Follows through
Has refreshed soul
Battles injustice
Continues to train
Carries the name of Jesus
Does not whine, complain, for make excuses
Refuses to be “That guy”

Need more info? Check out www.fightclub414.com

Questions? Contact Kris Tarkiewicz (781-8400 or kris@familybible.church)