On March 15th we moved service online until June 21 when we first met outdoors. We had an amazing summer with great weather and times together. However, fall arrived and unfortunately in Michigan, we cannot meet outdoors year round. Therefore on October 18th we held our first indoor service since March.

The deacons and staff continue to monitor the numbers in our state and region. We have also been attentive to schools, places of employment, restaurants, stores, and other churches. We have limited the number of people in worship spaces, removed and spaced the remaining chairs, are cleaning in-between services and have also upgraded our HVAC with HEPA filters and UV lights. As with most things in life right now, we will continue to evaluate and adjust as needed.

Please join us in person OR online!



What time are online services? Still at 8:30 (traditional) and 10:00AM (contemporary)

What should I expect online? Online services will continue to be LIVE streamed directly from FBC. Each service has an online host to serve and care for you. Say hello, share prayer requests, interact with each another.


Where are services online? Services will continue to be streamed on Facebook, YouTube, our website and the Church Center App. Search Family Bible Church.


 What time and where will services be held?

8:30AM Traditional            
FBC Sanctuary & Youth Room (725 US HWY 27 N Marshall)

10:00AM Contemporary  FBC Sanctuary & Youth Room (725 US HWY 27 N Marshall, MI) and UNION downtown Marshall (102 West Michigan Ave)

11:30AM Contemporary   FBC Sanctuary & Youth Room (725 US HWY 27 N Marshall, MI)


Will services be live or streamed? The sanctuary will have live worship and teaching. The Youth Room will have streamed worship and teaching. The UNION will have live worship and streamed teaching. *On the 4th and 5th Sundays, preaching and worship will be live at UNION or Youth Room and streamed to other locations.


Will there be programming for children? Yes. Our children’s ministry team will offer small groups for children in our second and third services in the education wing classrooms. This will expand to first service in the near future. Children will join adults in the sanctuary and then for those who choose, may send their children following worship through song (about halfway through service).


What about social distancing? Please follow social distancing guidelines and practices when coming and going from services. Many chairs have been removed and the remaining chairs have been spaced. A reduced number of people will be allowed in each service.


Not feeling well? Have COVID? Someone you live with (or had close contact with) have COVID? Been tested and awaiting results? Someone you live with been tested and awaiting results?  PLEASE stay home and join us online.


Do I need a face covering/mask? Yes. As an act of love toward our neighbor at FBC and in our communities, we ask you wear a face covering when you enter and move about the building (hallways, lobbies, bathrooms, etc). We also ask you continue to wear the face covering while you worship.


Why? Jesus gave us the great commandment to love God and love neighbor. Love is putting the needs, wants, and health of others first before my own wants and needs. Love of neighbor is in the DNA of FBC.


Will there be service options where face coverings are required 100% of the time Yes. The 8:30 traditional and 11:30 contemporary services held in the youth room at FBC will be 100% of the time face covering required.


Do I need to “save a seat”? YES!!! This is very important. Beginning at noon each Wednesday, save a seat. Make sure to pick the time and location you will attend.



1. Lets you know AND

2. Let others know how many people are planning on attending each worship service. This information will help you make an informed decision regarding which one to attend. Please click (www.familybible.church) save a seat.

*please note, 10AM attendees, the save a seat does not serve as a ticket and all seats are first come first serve, meaning you may save a seat for the sanctuary and get here late and need to sit in the overflow in the youth room

Could/will this change? Yes. Please be flexible and patient. Thank you!

God is on the move. He is calling us to continual faithfulness. He is calling us to check our heart. He is calling us to check our preferences. He is calling us to a place of personal revival and corporate revival together. At FBC we are on mission to DEVELOP in order to SERVE in order to REACH.

If you have any questions please contact Pastor Kris, the staff, or the deacons.