Sunday Service Changes

FBC Family,

Good morning.
As stated by our Lead Pastor, Kris Tarkiewicz, in his previous email: “I am thankful for a God who is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. This is the faithful and steady God we know, love, and serve.”
We rest in that assurance and we also have been seeking God’s guidance for our services tomorrow (3.15.20). 
You were told that the deacons and staff would continue to “listen to recommendations and direction from reliable sources” and we have done just that. Governor Whitmer handed down the ban this past Friday of no gatherings of 250+ or more in light of the spread of the coronavirus. We, as followers of Christ, are reminded of this in Titus 3:1-3 – Remind them to be subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed, to malign no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing every consideration for all men.
So in an effort to listen to our governing authorities and to be considerate for all of the men, women and children in our congregation we have decided to NOT hold public services this Sunday at FBC.
However, we are so very grateful that God moved on our hearts this last year to improve upon our live streaming capabilities so that we can offer our services to you online. So, while we may not gather in person this Sunday, we do plan to gather in our homes with the use of technology.
We plan to broadcast ONE LIVE service Sunday morning at 9am. We will immediately broadcast a replay when it is available after the LIVE 9am service. During this service we will start by singing some hymns of praise. We want to encourage you to sing out loud with us and worship our God together. We will also have announcements, teaching and prayer as usual. We will then close with contemporary worship with a full praise team. I am praying that God does something powerful in our homes through all of this. I believe there is great potential for the Spirit of God to move in a new and unusual way. There are many churches around the USA who are taking this approach and we could see a radical movement of God as a result.
So please be in prayer that, although we have to make this difficult decision, God would do something powerful in our homes and in our world tomorrow. 
1. YOUTUBE – Google is well aware of the heavy use that could happen on Sunday morning and we have been told that they are doing work on their end to ensure that more churches than usual can broadcast. So we recommend this as the number ONE option. Go to and search: FAMILY BIBLE CHURCH MARSHALL. Click on the church icon and then click SUBSCRIBE followed by the BELL ICON. You will be notified when we go live.
2. FACEBOOK – Again, with the heavy traffic of churches broadcasting on Sunday, we are unsure of how Facebook will handle the load. So this would be a SECONDARY option. Go to and search: FAMILY BIBLE CHURCH and find our page. Click LIKE and ask to be notified. Join us at 9am and scroll down on the page until you see our live video and click on it to listen along.
3. WEBSITE/APP – On our website there is a link under MEDIA called LIVE STREAM. On that page you will find an embedded video player where you can follow along with the service.
If you still have questions on how to do this please contact before Sunday morning and I will try to walk you through it or set you up with someone who can. 
As an added bonus we plan to have some online “hosts” who will be on chat with you as we are live to answer any questions you may have.
We will also be taking OFFERING via the website at where there is a form you can fill out. Again, if you have questions please ask. If you would rather give your money in person you are more than welcome to drop that off on Monday in a sealed envelope with your information on it.
We appreciate all of you and we hope and pray that you know we want to be with you this Sunday in any way possible. At this point, we feel that this is the best option and we will keep you notified about other potential cancelations of events during the week.
Our God is HEALER, He is POWERFUL, he is ABOVE ALL and HE WILL SEE US THROUGH this time.
Have faith and keep seeking Him,
Jon Gerten
Creative Arts Pastor