Welcome to the baptism class!

This class will prepare you for and acquaint you with one of the most meaningful experiences in your Christian life! In the early church, water baptism accompanied one’s prayer of repentance from sin and also his or her belief in Jesus Christ by marking the moment in memory.

A Deeper Commitment

It is the first mark of being a fully devoted follower of Christ. Together, we will look at the biblical significance of baptism, help you prepare your testimony, and explain the details of the service. God has used baptism service as a public testimony to firmly seal the faith of many people. God will inevitably use your baptism and your testimony to lead other people into a personal relationship with Him. Some of these people could be your friends, family and neighbors!

Get Started

This class is offered a few times a year. Please contact the church office below or at 781.8400 to find out more information.

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