Online Giving

Money is always such a touchy issue within the churched circle. God says it is a heart and maturity issue. We too often make it our god and give God the leftovers. We are called to give freely and joyfully.

In-person Giving

On Sunday mornings simply place your cash or check in the offering plate during the worship service. Offering envelopes are available for your gift at by contacting Mary Pike in the office at 269-781-8400 or You can place cash or checks (payable to Family Bible Church) in one of these envelopes or mail it to Family Bible Church at 725 US HWY 27 N Marshall, Michigan.


Is Electronic Giving secure?
Absolutely. In fact, electronic giving can be more secure for the giver and the church than traditional methods.
Can I use a credit card?
We prefer you don’t. As a church, we do not and will not encourage the use of credit cards. Electronic giving operates as a transfer of funds from your checking account to the church account. However we do accept Debit Cards
Will the offering plate still be passed in Sunday morning service?
  How does Electronic Giving relate to giving with a cheerful heart? Will giving this way take away the joy?
II Corinthians 9:7 says, “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” This is an individual’s choice of how they give with the most joy. If giving electronically takes away the joy I would suggest they not partake. If it helps them give with joy, I would strongly encourage it. Giving an envelope with a check or cash versus having an electronic transfer most likely will not change whether a person is giving with a cheerful heart. This is determined long before they arrive on a Sunday morning.
What options do I have regarding frequency of giving?
There are currently two options: weekly and bi-weekly.
When will the first draw be taken from my account?
All transfers occur on Monday. The first Monday after you turn your paperwork we will send out a prenote to the Federal Reserve confirming your information is correct, this process takes seven days. The second Monday after you turn in your paperwork will be the first draw from your account.*
*If you are on a bi-weekly cycle and the second Monday does not line up with the bi-weekly cycle your giving will be delayed until the following Monday to match the bi-weekly cycle.
When will it draw from my account?
The transfers take place on Monday mornings unless there is a holiday and will therefore be drawn the next day.
Will I be able to skip a week of giving? If so how?
Yes. If for any reason you cannot give for a week to a few weeks we will be able to stop the transfer. You will need to come into the office and fill out a short “Direct Withdrawal Skip Authorization” form. This must be done by the Sunday morning of the week(s) you will not be giving.
What if I’m giving electronically and would like to give more on a particular Sunday?
Feel free to give in the offering plate on that Sunday while knowing that the electronic giving will draw as usual on Monday.
How does electronic giving affect my giving record for tax purposes?
Your giving will be recorded in the same way that it always has been. You will not notice a difference in your giving record