What Is The Initiative?

In 1984, Pastor Richard and Pam Gerten were commissioned to plant a church in Marshall and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with this community. This mission has not changed and even more so it has expanded widely. Family Bible Church ministers to individuals and families beyond Marshall into neighboring communities, across our state, country and to far places globally. The impact of FBC is widespread.

Throughout the years the church has taken steps of faith to reach more people. We started with a dirt parking lot and an old sanctuary we now call the youth room and then added the education wing with classrooms built to encourage Biblical understanding for children, teens, and adults. In the 90’s the congregation and leadership saw the need to add a new sanctuary, nurseries, classrooms, and offices to welcome and serve more people. A place was needed for the children and youth to have space of their own. More recently, an investment in the property around the church allowed us new opportunities to create connections through gatherings, athletics, and community use of walking trails and the field. Look around on any given Sunday. We are striving to foster a strong foundation of faith and community to our young children, teens, adults, every age group–developing followers of Jesus to serve and reach ONE more.

Ten years ago we began to pray, dream, and discuss how we can carry this mission forward. To do this, the leadership has prayed and created some lofty goals for the coming years where we will all sacrifice like those before us. In this sacrifice, we will see significant life change. We will continue to commit to developing followers of Jesus who serve to reach ONE more. Then, they too, may grow, serve, and share the love of Jesus and the change they have experienced.

Think of your neighbors, friends, co-workers, fellow students, and many others, with whom you cross paths with throughout the week. There are thousands of people near us who are not yet following Jesus. We still believe God placed us in Marshall to continue to engage our communities and the world in fresh ways.

This is a big step for us and together will you pray, specifically, asking God to show us all how. He has given our church the means to accomplish the mission to which He has called. We can do this, but it will require something from each of us.

In order to do this, we are beginning a 3-year journey called, “The FORWARD INITIATIVE.” This initiative

involves two specific commitments that we are asking everyone to prayerfully consider and participate in.

With a renewed focus upon those who do not walk with or know Jesus, we desire to minister here locally and globally, believing we will see ongoing life change in many more people because of the sacrifice and work through the Forward Initiative.

Will you help us fulfill Jesus’ command to reach our community and world with His love? Will you give of yourself and ask God to lead you to ONE person with whom to share His love? Will you give of the resources the Lord has given you to create spaces in which to invite your ONE?

Forward Communities

UPDATE: FORWARD Communities met during the 2022 campaign. The devotional is still available if you are interested!

FBC Communities strive to build strong Christ-centered relationships within Family Bible Church. They serve to assist us in growing closer with those within our group while gaining and enhancing our Biblical knowledge.

Forward Communities will run April 24th- May 29th and are accompanied with a devotional curriculum free of charge.

Block Party

We had an amazing block party June 4, 2022 to celebrate what God was doing!