NEW - Vacation Bible School Volunteer Sign-Up
People who follow Jesus will always have a reason to celebrate. And VBS is, indeed, a celebration! It’s an annual opportunity to gather with young ones, pointing them toward the God who loves them and sent His Son to have a relationship with them.
Whether it is decorating ahead of VBS week or serving as a small group leader or station helper during VBS or helping plan and execute our VBS celebration Sunday following VBS week, there is a spot on the team that is perfect for you!
Fill out this form to let us know where you would be interested in serving. If you are unsure what the right area is for you to serve in, there is a spot on the form to select “other” and we would be happy to talk with you about what the right fit is!
NEW - Landscaping Help Needed!

Mustard Seeds (Wednesdays at 11am)

Contact Joan Chapman with questions at

MOPS Childcare (Third Thursday every month)

MOPS is in need of child care volunteers for their monthly meetings  (the third Thursday of the month 9:15am-11:15am). If you are policy approved and are willing to help, please consider signing up here!  Questions may be directed to Amy Stults (913) 292-1347.

Coffee Team (Sunday AM)
Coffee Team (Sunday AM)

Brew the self serve coffee and have it ready by 8:15AM. Be part of a regular rotation serving 1-2 times per month. If you are interested please contact

Tech/Worship Teams (8:30 & 10:30AM Services) 

Tech/Worship Teams (8:30 & 10:30AM Services) 

We’re looking for more volunteers to serve on our tech and worship teams for Sunday morning services!

Worship roles include

bass and more!

Tech positions include:

running the computer slides
cameras for the livestream
broadcast audio for our livestream

You will be trained for whichever position you choose. Please contact Chris Forystek at if you are interested.


Ushers (8:30 & 10:30AM Services)

Ushers (8:30 & 10:30AM Services)

Be a friendly face as people enter the sanctuary. Assist people in finding a seat or other needs as they arise. Please contact Patti Hudson ( or Mary Pike ( to serve.

Lighthouse (distribution day)

Third Saturday of the month. If you are serving please arrive between 9 and 9:30AM. Distribution is from 9:30-11:30.

Lighthouse (prep day)

Lori Peck is in need for help on Lighthouse Prep day (the Monday before Lighthouse) to help sort and hang clothes. 10am at the annex.

Sunday Morning Prayer Team

Our Sunday morning prayer team invites you to be a part of the ministry through prayer! We are expanding our prayer care during and after service. We seek people who desire to pray for and with others. Join this team and rotation each month. If interested please contact Pastor Gerten (


May 4: Serve our City Clean Up Project (sign up in lobby)

Join together to love our city in Jesus name in 2024.

Sign up for the May 4 project begin Sunday April 14th.

Current projects are city park focused and include: mulch spreading, fence removal, garbage and stick clean up and more!

Limited projects and limited spaces. If there are not open spaces, sign up to be on a waiting list.

May 4th we will begin with coffee and breakfast at 8:30am and prayer and head out at 9am!


Mobile Meals





Mobile Meals of Marshall is Looking for New Drivers

Looking to volunteer? Enjoy people? Enjoy driving?

Deliver meals to shut ins and those recovering from surgery or illnesses.

Contact Judi Saari at 517-554-1459 or Harriet Carroll at 269-781-4506

Middle & High School Students

NEW - Middle School Message

We have an exciting new opportunity for our middle school students! Each Sunday during our 10:30 service, we’ll give all 5th-8th grade students the option to sit in the sanctuary for the first half of service and worship with the congregation, then dismiss to the Student Room in the new building for our Middle School Message! This will be a focused time each Sunday for our students to experience relevant content geared towards their age as we interact with the Word of God together. We’re starting our time with a journey through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians as we discuss one of the most crucial parts of our lives: identity. Hope to have you join! 

Contact Student Pastor Nick Walker ( with any questions.

NEW - Youth NERF Wars

Join us for NERF Wars, coming Friday, April 19th from 6-8:30pm at FBC! You’re welcome to bring your own NERF weapons, and we’ll also have some here as well. Should be fun battling it out in our new building! This is open to both Middle & High School. Hope to see you there! 

High School (Sundays 6:30-8:30PM)


HIGH SCHOOL: High School meets Sunday evenings 6:30-8:30PM in the student room. This is an awesome time of games, worship, lesson, small group, and more. This Sunday, we are continuing our new lesson series Runaway Prophet with a conversation titled “Rock the Boat”.

Remind is our primary means of communication for all high school youth happenings. You can receive these messages either through the Remind app (blue background with a white script R) or you can receive them as text messages. 

You can join the High School Parents group by texting @fbcsrhighp to 81010. 

Students can join the High School Students group by texting @fbcsrhighs to 81010.

Contact Student Pastor Nick Walker ( with any questions.

Middle School (Tuesdays 6-7:45PM)

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Middle School meets Tuesday evenings 6:00-7:45PM in the student room at the church for a time of games, snacks, questions, lesson, and more. We are currently in a new lesson series titled “TRUTH”. Join us next Tuesday as we discuss the TRUTH about…Science!
Remind is our primary means of communication for all middle school youth happenings. You can receive these messages either through the Remind app (blue background with a white script R) or you can receive them as text messages.

You can join the Middle School Parents group by texting @fbcjrhighp to 81010. 

Students can join the Middle School Students group by texting @fbcjrhighs to 81010.

Contact Student Pastor Nick Walker ( with any questions.
Middle School Afterschool Hangouts at UN10N

All middle school students are invited to join us on Thursday afternoons anytime between 2:30-4:30pm at UN10N (102 W Michigan Ave) for our after school hangouts! There will be pizza, snacks, drinks, games, activities, & more! This is the perfect opportunity to have fun and hang out with your friends. Hope to have you join! You can register using the QR code above or this link:

Kids Ministries at the ARK

Sunday Services

First service at 8:30 is fully up and running! We would love for your babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary kids to join us in the kids wing if you are up early.

In April, we are talking about patience – waiting until later for what you want know. We can lean on God’s Holy Spirit to give us the strength we need to trust God and show patience with the difficult circumstances in our lives.

April memory verse: “Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14



One more month of Awana! We cannot believe we are at our last month of the Awana year. We have a fun-filled month planned. Keep working on those books!

4/9: Pastor & Popcorn
4/16:  Wild Socks Night
4/23: Awana Store
4/30: Awards Ceremony!

Events & Services

24 Hour Prayer April 20-21 5PM-5PM

Sunday Gathering Info & Services

In-person & online at 8:30 (traditional) & 10:30am (modern)
Children's program during both services, nursery-5th grade

What to Expect

Join us at 8:30am (traditional worship) or 10:30am (modern worship). Come as you are dress wise. When you enter the building from the north or south parking lot you will be greeted and welcomed. Stop by the cafe for coffee/tea and a snack. Join a conversation or relax at a table or couch seating area or around the open space. Feel free to stop by the New Here or Next Steps tables if you want to connect. When you are ready, make your way into the sanctuary/worship center. We gather for 60-75 minutes. You can expect to sing songs together, reflect in prayer, and hear an applicable sermon from the Bible. We hope to see you on a future Sunday!

Snapshots of Sunday

Current Sermon Series: Romans From Death to Life

Sermon Series Information & Calendar

The book of Romans, written by the Apostle Paul, delves into the core tenets of Christian faith and doctrine. It begins by addressing humanity’s universal need for salvation, emphasizing justification by faith alone. Paul discusses the consequences of sin and the transformative power of grace through Jesus Christ. He explains how believers are united with Christ, freed from the law’s condemnation, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Paul addresses many theological concepts for holy living. Together we explore why it matters just as much today as it did then. Romans from death to life.


  • 7 Suffering & Hope, Romans 5:3-5
  • 14 You Are Loved, Romans 5:6-11 (Andrew Scibbe)
  • 21 Reign of Sin to Grace, Romans 5:12-21
  • 28 Dead to Sin (How to Battle), Romans 6:1-14 (TBD)

*Unless Otherwise Noted, All Services are at 8:30 & 10:30AM with Lead Pastor Kris Tarkiewicz Preaching

Deeper Dive (Resources: Daily Scripture Reading & Discussion Questions)


Wednesday April 10

  • Reading: Romans 5:5 (Part 1)
  • Reflection Questions:
    1. What is the significance of hope in the Christian faith?
    2. How has God’s love been evident in your life, especially during times of suffering?

Thursday April 11

  • Reading: Romans 5:5 (Part 2)
  • Reflection Questions:
    1. How does the Holy Spirit play a role in pouring out God’s love into our hearts?
    2. What does it mean to you personally to have hope that does not put you to shame?

Friday April 12

  • Reading: Romans 8:17-18
  • Reflection Questions:
    1. How does sharing in Christ’s sufferings enable us to also share in his glory?
    2. How does the promise of future glory impact your perspective on present suffering?

Saturday April 13

  • Reading: Revelation 21:1-4
  • Reflection Questions:
    1. What is the hope offered in this passage for those who endure suffering?
    2. How does the vision of the new heaven and new earth give you comfort and assurance in times of trial?


Following 4/7/24

  1. Check in with one another. Give each person an opportunity to share something that happened or is happening in their life.
  2. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your conversation and connection with the Word and each other?
  3. The sermon emphasized the role of suffering in the life of a follower of Jesus, asserting that it produces perseverance, character, and hope. How do you reconcile this view of suffering with the common desire to avoid or mitigate suffering? Can suffering truly lead to positive outcomes?
  4. The passage from Romans 5 suggests that suffering is a normal reality of a fallen world. How does this perspective challenge or align with contemporary notions of happiness and success? How might our understanding of suffering influence our expectations and pursuits in life?
  5. The sermon discusses Jesus’ willingness to endure suffering and how it shaped his identity and mission. In what ways can we draw strength and inspiration from Jesus’ example when facing our own hardships? How does the suffering of Jesus provide hope for believers?
  6. Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, believed that humans find meaning in work, love for others, and the courage to endure suffering. How does this perspective resonate with the Christian understanding of suffering and hope outlined in Romans 5:3-5?
  7. The sermon suggests that suffering can lead to a transformation in character and perspective. Have you experienced or witnessed such transformations in your own life or the lives of others? How does suffering challenge and refine our understanding of ourselves and our relationship with God?
  8. The sermon concludes with a vision of a future reality where God dwells with His people, wiping away every tear and eliminating pain and suffering. How does this vision shape our present perspective on suffering and hope? How can we maintain hope and endurance in the midst of present trials by focusing on the future promise of God’s restoration?
  9. Take time to encourage one another in whatever way is best to wrap your time together.

Discussion Questions Following 3/31/24

  1. Check in with one another. Give each person an opportunity to share something that happened or is happening in their life.
  2. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your conversation and connection with the Word and each other?
  3. Reflecting on John 20:1-18, consider the different responses to the resurrection showcased in the passage and other Gospel accounts. How do you relate to the various responses of fear, joy, alarm, bewilderment, disbelief, wonder, and questioning?
  4. In the passage, Mary Magdalene initially mistook Jesus for the gardener until he revealed himself to her. Have there been times in your life when you failed to recognize Jesus in your midst? How did you come to realize his presence?
  5. Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 15 emphasize the significance of the resurrection. How does Paul’s argument about the implications of Christ’s resurrection challenge or affirm your understanding of faith?
  6. The concept of “peace with God” discussed in Romans 5:1-2 highlights the relational restoration brought about by Jesus’ death and resurrection. How does this peace with God impact your daily life and relationships with others?
  7. Reflect on the imagery of Jesus as an anchor for the soul, as mentioned in Hebrews 6:19. How does the resurrection serve as an anchor for your faith and hope, especially in times of uncertainty or turmoil?
  8. Take time to encourage one another in whatever way is best to wrap your time together.

This Week at FBC

Weekly Numbers

Attendance (4.7.24)


  • Sanctuary – 99
  • Online Avg. – 15 households
  • Children – 7
  • Nursery – 0


  • Sanctuary – 230
  • Online Avg. – 12 households
  • Children – 43
  • Nursery – 10

Finances (4.7.24)

General $18,652.30
Weekly Budgeted Need$11,826.92
Current Fiscal Year Weekly Avg. (Jul. ’23-Feb. ’24):$12,198.92
2022-2023 Avg. Weekly Giving
Avg. Jul. ’23-Feb. ’24:$4,841.19



Monthly Calendar

twenty24@FBC Calendar

The New Building is Open! What to Know & Expect



Which doors should I use to enter/exit? Please use the 1) new north entry doors from the new north parking lot OR the 2) new south doors underneath the new overhang. Look for the A-Frame signs by these doors with “Welcome to Family Bible Church”.

May I enter/exit the old south doors outside entry doors? No. On Sundays, please use new entry/exit points. You will not be able to move through the ARK space on Sundays from the parking lot or sanctuary (only through the HUB).

Where should I park? Most people will park in the south lot. Others may park in the new north lot. Part of the new north lot is reserved for seniors and mobility limited people. Please look for the sign to indicate. STAFF & VOLUNTEERS: If possible please park at Kempf Funeral Home. There is a wood-chipped path between the properties.

What if the parking lot is full? Look for a parking team member for assistance. They will direct you to overflow parking. If the ground is solid you may park on the grass near Old 27 or elsewhere.

Handicapped Parking. Please only park in these spaces if your license plate or placard are clearly displayed. This applies everyday and every hour of the week (not just Sundays).



Which restrooms should I use? You may use the new restrooms in the HUB or the old restrooms in the hallway just south of the sanctuary.

May I use the HUB during services? Yes. Feel free to spend your time at a table, couch or chair.

Will the worship services be broadcasts into the HUB? As soon as it is possible, we will broadcast the service to the tv’s near the cafe and New? Start Here area.

What if I have a question, who should I ask? FBC volunteers will wear a black badge and lanyard. Ask any of them for help.

Will there be snacks and drinks at the cafe? Yes. We will continue to offer drip coffee. There will also be water bottles and juice along with snacks most weeks. Donations are optional. All donations will go toward building out the cafe with more drink options including espresso drinks.

What about seating in the sanctuary? Please make space for others who are looking for seats. Also, let ushers know if you have room near or around you. If you are a regular here, consider moving forward to fill seats closer to the front so we save room for guests. At the 3/17 10:30AM service we had the largest attendance of 2024 so far. It felt full and some people could not find seats. However, there were still 119 seats open. 


How do I enter the ARK? From the HUB. All doors leading into the ARK remain locked before, during and after service

Who may enter the ARK on Sundays? Only children,  teachers/leaders, and parents/guardians with tags will be able to enter.

What do I need to pick up or check on my child? Your parent tag. A children’s ministry volunteer or safety team member will check your tag before you may enter.

Do I need to show my tag to pick up my child from their classroom? Yes. Show your tag to the classroom teacher who will dismiss your child to you.

What do I do if I lose my tag? Please stop at the NEW? START HERE desk where Corrie or Emily will assist you.

If I am in the ARK, where may I exit? You may exit the ARK from the south doors (to the parking lot) or the doors by the men’s bathroom.

May I reenter the ARK from these doors? No. You must go around to the HUB to reenter. Please do not make this awkward for yourself, the volunteer, or safety team member by knocking on the doors.

Where is the nursing room? Families who need access to a nursing room are invited to use the “living room” space (near the drinking fountain by the sanctuary). This space offers a comfortable seating area and a bathroom with changing table. Families with little ones who need to wiggle and move are welcome to use our new space!

Thank you, parents, for helping ensure our building remains secure and our children are kept safe!

During the Week

Which door should I use Monday through Thursday during regular office hours (8AM-4PM)? The north entry. Ring the doorbell and someone will buzz you in.

Which door should I use for my group or event? Contact your group or event leader. They should coordinate with the office to determine which entrance is best to use.

Handicapped Parking. Please only park in these spaces if your license plate or placard are clearly displayed. This applies everyday and every hour of the week (not just Sundays).

May I come and use the HUB during the week to work, study, have a conversation with another person or just come and be where others are? Yes. At least one of the seating areas should be available. Call ahead to confirm hours we are open and/or check in with the office when you arrive.

May I reserve a space in the church for a special event, group or gathering? Check with Mary in the office by calling 269-781-8400 or email

Other Questions (playground and kitchen information)

When will the playground and kitchen be installed and complete? We hope by the summer of 2024 both will be complete.

I’m interested in helping with the new playground, what needs are there? We are seeking a team of volunteers to run and maintain this space. We need someone to champion and oversee it, volunteers to run it, to clean it, and to help us develop policy. If you are interested please contact

How many square feet is the new addition? Between 10,000-11,000 square feet.

What is happening the in the “courtyard” between the buildings? We hope to have some people develop it into a nice outdoor seating area for people to enjoy. If you are interested in being a part please contact the office.

What should I do if I have another question? Contact the office at 781-8400 or

Opportunities To Be Generous

NEW - Mustard Seeds Fundraiser Lunch April 28th

Meal Train (ongoing)

Mustard Seeds Donations (online option)

Great news! There is a drop-down menu available for Mustard Seeds when making online donations. Thank you in advance for your commitment to mission around the world!



Lighthouse is Full

DEVELOP-Opportunities to Grow as a Follower of Jesus

NEW - A Woman's Heart Bible Study

A Woman’s Heart Bible Study meets on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM. We will start a new study on Wednesday, March 27th called Encouraging One Another. This is a book from the Women of Faith Bible Studies series. Order your book, bring your Bible and meet with other women to be encouraged and encourage others. Hope to see you then!

Let Kathy Tarkiewicz know if you’ll be attending and/or if you have questions. Email Kathy at

Communities (small groups) at FBC


Get involved in a FBC Community. If you are interested in getting involved with a group here at FBC, you can fill out a form to receive more information.

Contact FBC Communities ( or Carla Edgell (if you have questions or would like to lead or participate in a community.

2023-2024 Registration is now open!
We would love to have you “Say Yes” and join us for friendship, food, fun, fellowship and more!
We meet every 3rd Thursday of each month from 9:15-11:15.


Stephen Ministry

If you are unable to use the QR Code, you can also visit us here to reach out for support.

Visit more information.


Be a Stephen Minister! Seeking our next cohort!

Currently Seeking People to Be Part of Our Next Cohort of Stephen Ministers. If God is calling you to minister to others, please prayerfully consider this opportunity!

NEW - Celebrate Recovery Info Meeting April 22

Next Steps

New to FBC?

Welcome to FBC!

We would love to get to know you! Please fill out a communication card by clicking HERE


The Scriptures teach us to proclaim the salvation we have found in Jesus through baptism. There is a short 30 minute class before you are baptized to help understand the meaning and procedures of baptism.

Upcoming Baptisms:

  • 6/30/24
  • 9/15/24
  • 11/24/24 (Thanksgiving)

If you desire to be baptized please contact:


Desire to know more about the church? Where we have been, what we are about, and where we are going? Come to this hour long class to discover the history of the church, know the by-laws, and statement of faith of FBC. This class is the first of three steps to join the church (second is meet with deacons to share testimony and third is reception into membership before church).

Please contact Deacon Mark Pike ( if you are interested in attending a membership class and learning more about joining FBC.

Upcoming Classes will be held Sundays at 11:45 AM

  • 4/14/24
  • 7/14/24
  • 10/20/24


Giving Beyond (Gifts from Wills & Trusts to FBC)

If you'd like to leave a gift to Family Bible Church in your will or trust a member of FBC will provide this service at no charge through her law office. Diane Peters (905 W Michigan Ave Suite A, Marshall, MI (269) 248-6500) will amend your will or trust at no charge. Thank you to Diane for this service and thank you for considering FBC.

Thank you for your support and giving to the Lord!

Online Giving

If you have questions about online giving please watch this video. Thank you for your ongoing support!

FORWARD Revisited

Be A Part of The Building Project (pledge here) Updated 1/17/24


Thank you for your commitment, giving, and most importantly PRAYER toward this amazing project!

We are working together. After one year of the Forward Campaign, we had new pledges and also some reductions/cancellations (which is okay as we know life situation change). The updated pledge total is $757,690 for the first phase of this process (phase two is debt reduction).

Our savings and the Forward Campaign has given us more than half the total cost for the building. We are still trusting God for the remaining balance of the long term debt.

Every donation matters and moves us closer to our completion.

All Things Construction

When is the new building opening? Updated 1/17/24

The short answer is…we are not sure yet.

Let’s look at what we know.

  • We have temporary occupancy which means we can start to “stock” the space with items that we will use once it is open. It also means we can use the north entrance on Sundays for services.
  • Final occupancy should be coming in the coming two to four weeks.
  • We are waiting on a two outdoor heating units and the final gas line to be connected.
  • This month and early next we are working on the install of security system, wifi, audio, and video.
  • You will also notice work begin on the kitchen soon as it has been ordered.
  • Shortly, the playground will be ordered as well and we hope to have it installed before summer.

The staff and deacons are discussing and eagerly anticipating the opening of this new space as you are as well. We will keep you up to date as we move forward.

Photos from Construction (more will be added soon)

Ground Breaking Ceremony Photos

It was a joy to celebrate the groundbreaking together!

I Have a Question. Who Should I Contact?
  • Family Bible Church
    • Deacon Vice Chairperson-Dennis Craft (, 269-209-2252)
    • Building Committee Chairperson-Doug Kiessling (, 269-579-0960)
    • Owner Representative-David Mead (, 269-275-5902)
  • FED Design/Builders
    • Project Manager-Gary Rea
    • Project Superintendent-Dan Henry
Why Build? What Are We Building Now and Later?

Why Build?

As we shared when we first launched the FORWARD Campaign in May 2022, together we will continue to be a church who develops followers of Jesus who serve to reach ONE more. We will expand our facility in order for you, your ONE, and many others to encounter Jesus in a loving community.  Our fully built out building will have space in the large hub/gathering lobby where we will see the formation of community and healing conversations before and after services over coffee from the coffee shop. We will build a kitchen where meals will be prepared and fellowship, laughter and stories will be shared. We will build a large indoor playground, open to the community during the week, year-round, where children make new friends and so do mom, dad or grandma and grandpa with others who come together. Where these small conversations lead to big conversations of faith.

We will build a space for our middle and high school students in Marshall and the surrounding communities, who in recent years have met in lobbies, the sanctuary, and various rooms, to have a dedicated place of their own. It will be a building where they can welcome their friends from their neighborhood or school to encounter Jesus for the first time. This building will create a dedicated space where children of all ages have a warm, welcoming, secure, dedicated space to learn about Jesus and develop new friendships on Sunday mornings, at Awana and each summer at VBS.  We envision ministries and groups of all ages from the church and community gathering in this new building during the week in our warm and welcoming spaces where strangers become friends and ultimately family as we follow Jesus together.

What Are We Building Now & Later?

Today as we construct, the vision of this project has not changed, and it is the intention of the leadership to complete the project in its entirety.  

The construction industry, like most industries, has seen increases in both labor and material costs.  In addition, inflation continues to impact prices.  The Building Committee has reviewed the bids based on professional discipline and has reached out to local contractors.  Based on this detailed review, they were confident that the bids are appropriate for the current market.  It is anticipated that a delay in the project would result in higher costs in the future.

When the FORWARD campaign began we described the process that the building committee and Deacon board would follow if the FORWARD commitments fell short of our $750,000 goal.  When the bids were received we went through the same process to “right size” the project to fit the budget.  There are certain building components that cannot be delayed or modified, like the size of the building which is needed to link the children wing to the sanctuary.  

Some items, at this time, will be delayed including the completion of the cafe, kitchen, playground (however the planned electric and plumbing for these items would be stubbed now) and/or lengthening the amount of time the debt is paid. 

The board, building committee and finance committee will continue to review, work and plan toward the completion of this entire project.

You will also be able to be part of the solution by your continued or first time involvement with the FORWARD campaign. We invite you to join us in this step of faith. We are excited for the future, trusting God in each step.  

Discover more about the project and campaign HERE

Be a Part-FORWARD Building Campaign Information







You can learn more below in the FORWARD campaign link and update. CLICK HERE:

May 2023 marked one year since we began our campaign.

We invite you to be part of the pledge campaign however, if you choose not to pledge, you may still give to the building campaign weekly, biweekly, monthly or give a one time gift.

Thank you for your commitment, giving, and most importantly PRAYER toward this amazing project!


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